Monday/Tuesday, June 8/9, 2020

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I forgot to blog yesterday!
We are winding down the year. This week will be the last full week and last of assignments. We will meet every day at 10 am for those who can make it. Today, Ms. Lamb and Ms. Roberge will attempt a virtual tour of Ottawa.
Wednesday is our talent show.
Thursday reflections of Aurora
Friday - maybe a trivia contest? Maybe a student led virtual tour? We shall see.
Monday - our final meet of the year

Computers start to be returned on Monday afternoon
Monday 6/15- (1-5)
Wednesday 6/17- (7-4)
Thursday 6/18- (8-12)

As for work this week, there are three assignments on seesaw, post your passion project, post a book recommendation and post your reflection (by Thursday please.) Ms. Lamb and Ms. Roberge will be completing report cards by Friday. Report cards will be strictly narrative comments in LA and math only.

Be well.


Friday, June 5, 2020

Team Aurora has a new blog post!

Next week. Here is a tentative schedule for activities next week. Math will also have an activity to wrapt things up.

The plan is to meet daily - we think at 10 am
Monday passion project share (begin reflection work)

Tuesday virtual field trip ottawa

Wednesday talent show

Thursday reflections

Friday? Ideas folks?

Monday, June 15th special wrap up

We will share on padlets and email now as we seem to have run out of our free seesaw account.

Lets Celebrate by Maria Mikulska on Dribbble

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Team Aurora has a new blog post!

Friday schedule

Hi Aurora!
Here is a note from Mrs. Thompson.

Social Issues Projects should be finished and on the padlet If not done, you may still work on them Friday and over the weekend. Post when complete.

A note from Mrs. Thompson in the library:
Hello all!
The books are finally in and can be picked up on Tuesday, June 9th.  I've proposed 8-2 pm, curbside outside of the gym (just like last time.)

More info will be in the Raider News tomorrow!

We will celebrate our projects tomorrow at CPR at 10 am. Come even if you aren't finished.


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Team Aurora has a new blog post!
Thursday schedule
Friday schedule
Hello Aurora!
Today is big work day. We have projects on our social issue due on Friday. We will have a share posting on Friday and a share meet at 10 am at CPR. It is okay to post a work in progress, so don't over stress about it being perfect.

There is a math lesson today as well, so check the math doc.

We are quickly approaching the end of the year. We will find out more information today about the last week (June 15, 16, 17) when we have to turn in computers. Look here for more on that tomorrow.

Get to work Aurorian students!

Song of the day

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Team Aurora has a new blog post!
Wednesday schedule
Thursday schedule

Hello Aurora!
We are well into project week. Kids should be using the articles for evidence and creating a slide show, journal entry, video talk or whatever their choice was. The important part is describe the situation and perspectives. Use evidence from the articles

We had many great meets today starting with CPR. I'm very excited and impressed with people's projects and understandings.

Please contact me with any questions. I'm here.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Team Aurora has a new blog post!
Monday schedule
Tuesday schedule
Wednesday schedule
Good morning!

My communication was a bit murky this morning. There are no more book meets on Monday Wednesday. We will all meet tomorrow in our subject groups. To their credit, many showed up at regular Monday meets to find me not there. Sorry about that.

Here are the meets for tomorrow. Everyone should also have an invite.

Racism and Implicit Bias


Gender and Sexuality Norms


Disabilities 11:00

Climate and Conservation 11:30

Family Issues 12:00

Immigration 12:30

It's project week. The projects will be around the topics above. Everyone has access to this padlet of articles and has been reading and note taking. If you are starting today, go with what you have. Try to read at least three articles before starting the project. Here is the project link and the padlet link.

Padlet of articles

The math focus of the day is I can divide two decimal numbers using fractions.

See the math document for more details.

Song of the day

Friday, May 29, 2020

Team Aurora has a new blog post!
Monday schedule
Tuesday schedule
It's hard to believe we are at the end of May! We have officially finished our "assignments" for LA and have moved into final project week. Here are the project choices. (click the link)
Students should have told me their topic by today as I am setting up meets for Monday based on the groups. The choices are from here. (click the link)

On Monday, we will have meets to discuss and begin working on projects by completing a plan sheet. Students are expected to read the articles from the padlet above (we have been working on this for a couple of weeks - but if students haven't started - there is still time - you may just have more work to do next week than expected.)

Math has a last big week of learning to divide decimals. It will be a quick review.

Ms. Roberge and Ms. Lamb are meeting today to plan our week of fun virtual trips, talent shows, games and more for our last week and a half of school.

Have a great weekend.


Monday/Tuesday, June 8/9, 2020

Team Aurora has a new blog post! I forgot to blog yesterday! We are winding down the year. This week will be the last full week and last ...