Happy New Year!

Hello Aurorians and families!

It has been quite a while since we have updated you on all of our adventures in Fifth Grade.
In the month of December, students transitioned back into Social Studies, where they learned of Indigenous People and how the environment affected the way they lived. This was the unit question, as students researched various tribes, traditions and geographies to help make strong connections as to how our environment really affects the way we (and in this case, Indigenous People) live. Within these groups students worked on creating a wonderful codex to show their findings from research.

After returning from the long break, students found out about National History Day! What a fun project this is. Students will be researching moments in time that reflect tragedy and triumphs. We have a plethora of ideas on our team, so please reach out to your student and ask what they are interested in.

Math has been also exciting, introducing equivalent fractions and the idea of add…

Happy Vacation!

Happy Vacation Aurorians!
We hope you all have had quite the start to a much needed (and earned) vacation! Students have finished so much this Trimester. From their first writing unit, Global read-aloud, multiplication and division strategies, and two lengthy social studies and science units. You all have done such an amazing job; Ms. Lamb and Ms. Roberge are so proud!
When we return from break, students will head back into social studies, continue (and quickly complete) their Volume unit in math, as well as their Reading unit in LA. This is not before we follow through with our EPIC/Aurora Fall Festival on Monday! 
Report cards will be mailed home on December 3rd, 2018. Which means we are moving forward into Trimester 2! If you have any questions about this, please let us know. 
Have a great week!

November 3, 2018

Team Aurora has a new blog post!

Hello Extended Aurora Team.

It's hard to believe it is November already. It seems we were just meeting you at the Watermelon Welcome in August!

We had a FABULOUS showing at student led conferences. Every conference was wonderfully led by your students. It was a great experience for us (and I hope for parents as well.)

We had several exciting events on Friday. First, we all practiced bus evacuation.  Then we had a lovely video performance from Mountainfilm on Tour.  At the ed of the day, we were entertained by this year's fall drama performance starring Abe, Verity, Emma, Abby, Anya, and some other kids from around the school😉

We plan to get our next VLOG created this week, so look forward to that.

As for work, we continue with our water unit in science, multiplying and dividing in math, reading Amal Unbound and communicating with our Global Read Aloud partners in Pennsylvania, and reading our book club books. Our first quarter ended last week,…

First week of October... CRUSHED IT!

This week was fabulous! We are still in awe of how amazing the students did for their social studies projects. Their presentations were full of valuable information, they spoke with strong voices and was a very respectful audience. We hope to celebrate their hard work soon. ❤
With the closing of social studies today, comes the beginning of science on Monday! We will be learning about Earth's Systems. With this unit comes exploring water percentages on Earth, several different spheres that we inhabit and our human impact on our environment. Ms. Roberge is VERY excited to explore the world of science with these inquisitive Aurorians.

A reminder: please sign up for a student-led conference. If none of the times work for you and your student, please contact Ms. Lamb or Ms. Roberge to set up a separate time. We are pretty flexible!

Another reminder: as the temperatures begin to drop, please make sure your student has a jacket to be able to throw on for recess or our morning movement brea…

New Learning!

Wow! These past few weeks of learning have been amazing. In math students have revisited the idea of arrays and using arrays to show their thinking of factors. We've explored the difference of multiples and factors and the students really took to their creative skills to create the wonderful works of art that many of you noticed in the classroom during Open House.

Today students got to try something new and draw with dry erase markers on their tables to show their efficient strategies to solving 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication problems. Throughout this week we will build our strategy toolbox by adding multiple ways to solve equations. This way students can use these other strategies to check that their work is correct. I marveled at the hard work and focus these kids had today as they completed this activity. It will be great when the sun comes out and we try it with chalk!

In L.A. students continue to work hard publishing their stories on Seesaw. I learned a lot about technolog…

Parent Conferences

Howdy Aurorian Parents/Guardians! 
It is coming close to the time of year when your student shows you their amazing work thus far in the school year. A couple of emails were sent out today to share some of the available time slots to have you and your student come in for your student-led conference. Please check with your child to make sure they are able to attend, as they are the star of the conference!
If you do not see a time slot that works for your family, please let us know so that we can accomodate you!
Many thanks! 

Scholastic Book Club

Team Aurora has a new blog post

Hi all,
Kids can order books of their very own from Scholastic Book Clubs. Ms. Lamb will handle the orders.  For the September order, she will expect orders in by next Wednesday, however, if they come in after that, they can still go in. They just may come in a later box.

 If you want to order online with a credit card, our code number is DVG7Z