Our second Vlog is ready! 9-21-18

Team Aurora has a new blog post!

Vlog #2 Our second edition 9-21-18

It feels like the week just began and now it is over. On this very rainy Friday, Ms. Roberge is home nursing a cold. Have no fear, Ms. Lintereur has stepped in to sub (she works in Epic most days.)

This weeks highlights include:
All Team Meeting today
Creating our continents
Finishing first two week menus for seminar math and ela
Setting up our evidence binders
Dot Day
Creating arrays in math
Finishing our flash drafts in writing (personal narrative story drafts)
Starting band lessons

Have great weekend and first day of autumn!

Our first full AWESOME week together!

This past week was our first full week together and what a week it was! 
Students were able to see what Spanish class looked like on our first Monday together. They all seemed to like it and Doña Erin had incredible energy welcoming all 37 students into her classroom.
Throughout the week, we were able to continue practicing our routines, had three birthday celebrations, learned about Rosh Hashanah and ended our week with an all grade town meeting in the library. Pictures were posted on our Twitter and Instagram pages quite frequently this week, so go take a peek for a visual way of seeing our week together! 

Congrats to our cross country students on a race well done this past Wednesday!

Congrats to our students who have joined drama on both their acting or stage crew positions. ALL are important!

Awesome job to our students who have decided to join band or chorus! 

Hooray for students who have found a club to join after school! 

For those who do not do anything affiliated with school, we app…

Our first VLOG is ready!

Team Aurora has a new blog post!

See our first VLOG!

We had an excellent second week of school. We are looking forward to our first Monday next week.

Highlights from this week include:
band and chorus
our first all school assembly
making our first vlog
writing workshop
math class
star reading
classroom maps
coloring landforms

Happy weekend

A great way to start off the week!

Wow today flew by! Everyone has been very welcoming of one another and we are finally getting more individuals to share "shout outs" of kind, loving things that they see around our classroom community and school. These kids are absolutely outstanding!

Today we handed out schedules. Students signed up on the board if they needed more than 1 copy, which Ms. Roberge printed and labeled for students to grab tomorrow during school. They will be great teachers to you all on how the schedule works, as it is confusing for some who may be experiencing a middle school schedule for the first time. So hang tight! You'll be able to glimpse at these soon. We are hopeful that we can share an image copy digitally on this blog, to help people find it in immediate need. We are still working on the process a bit. In other news, we are going to begin doing our vlog this week! This will give the students an opportunity to reflect in front of a camera about everything they are doing. Stay tun…

What a wonderful first week!

Team Aurora has a new blog post!

We had planned to post our first video blog today, but alas, we ran out of week. We shall attempt it on Tuesday.

Here were some highlights of the week:

Writing our first stories
Classroom scavenger hunt
Creating classroom maps
Attending our first 5th Grade Town Meeting
Learning about clubs
Singing a new birthday song for our August birthdays
First day of chorus today
lunch buddies
Creating leaves for our community tree (see it in the hall outside Team Epic)
Classroom reading (classroom library exploring - we love those graphic novels)
Reading logs
Reflection journals
Using our growth mindset
Using C.A.R.E.S. (cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy and self-control)
Practicing CARES shout outs
Classroom jobs
Procedures for everything....hallway, end of day, lunch, recess, bus
Smelling our math books
Read aloud
flexible seating
Cross county running (for many of us!)
and that was only 3 days!
Rest well this weekend. We have mo…

First Day Greatness and Homework

We had a pretty terrific, though very warm first day. Some highlights include decorating cubbies and name tags, lunch buddies, listening to Ms. Lamb read A Bad Case of Stripes while exploring using our flexible seating options, trying to "Flip the Boat," writing in our reflection journal, learning about our classroom jobs and getting onto the correct bus. That was a lot of learning for the first day.

Everyone on Team Aurora chose a book to read today. Students are expected to read every night. Students may start slow, like 10 minutes or whatever you can do, and work up to 30 minutes per night. For the month of September, students may read anything they choose, fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, comic books, magazines.

Keep communicating with us if something comes up at home. We appreciate all the notes from today!

Also, the Lamb homeroom has PE tomorrow. Wear or bring sneakers. It will be much cooler tomorrow.

Monday! Monday! Monday! (8/27/18)


Don't forget our wonderful Watermelon Welcome this Monday 8/27 from 6-6:30! We are very excited to meet you and have you see our classroom!! Make sure it is on your calendars!