Sunday October 27, 2019

Team Aurora has a new blog post!

Hi team,
We had a very busy week. We have finished our student led conferences (mostly). If you were not able to make it in and would like an at home student led conference, let us know. As long as you promise to return it, you may check out the evidence binders and we can send a few notes along with the binder.

Friday was a big "due day." Students should have handed in word study, 2-4-2 and reading journal for The Bridge Home with signpost examples.

We have included due dates on the google calendar link on this blog. Check it out.

This coming week will have two big events to consider. On Wednesday, all of our thespians involved with Shakespeare's Got Talent will be busy on Wednesday night and everyone who plans to trick or treat will be busy on Thursday night.

Math Menu is due on Thursday
Word study is due on Friday
Reading at home daily 20-40 PAGES, you are still expected to finish a book a week

Plan ahead.

Keep in mind that our grading period is winding down. In LA, we will have two major assessments that will be on report cards. These will take place on or about November 11-15.

Don't forget to set your clocks back on Sunday November 3rd. Enjoy your extra hour as we return to Eastern Standard Time.

Your friendly teachers,
CL and KR

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