Friday, November 22, 2019

Team Aurora has a new blog post!

Greetings Aurora Families,

We had a very busy week on Team Aurora.  As you are aware, we have a "standards-based" report card system at BRMS. This translates to relying heavily on post-assessments for report card grades. This translates to post-assessment in all graded areas: reading, writing, science, social studies, math. All these assessments at the end of a trimester filled with snow, sleet, and rain can get a little stressful.

This also means that the personal development scores that you see first on the report card are very important. This is where we comment on the work in class that supports the assessments and general citizenship of each student. Please note scores and comments on personal development.

We made it through, and we had a well deserved 6th-grade wing celebration on Friday. We enjoyed some WRAD time (Write/Read and Draw), an impressive talent show and a multi-plex theatre for the afternoon. We followed that all up with the 5-6 BRAG party after school.

Report cards will be mailed out on Monday, December 1.

Here is what is coming up after Thanksgiving break.

We begin a reading/writing/social studies integrated study of India. We have book clubs starting Monday. Map studies and history of India and British Colonialism will round out the unit. We will practice our map skills and prepare for our geography assessment and a preview of Western Hemisphere colonialism.

Science will continue with the end of our geology unit. There is one final bend that will tie everything together that we’ve learned thus far. It is our greatest hope that students look at how they organize their science notebook, so that it will be a useful resource for assessments to come. We have now learned twice how crucial it is to take good, strong notes.

In math we will continue our ratio work and move into number lines and fractions. The end part of this unit is important as we move forward to our upcoming unit which is focused on operations with fractions. In between these units, we will revisit mean, median, mode.

We began a new schedule and new homerooms on Monday. Check out the schedule changes by clicking on the schedule to the right. We will have science and social studies for two days each week and either science or social studies on Friday.

Upcoming work to be handed out:
New math menu

Due next week:
Read 40 pages per day in your book club book (20 at school, 20 at home)
Participate in book club meetings
Prepare sticky notes for conversations
Prepare a journal entry to share on Friday
India Map worksheet
Word study due Friday
Moby Max homework- 30 minutes each week (please complete fact fluency by 1/31/20)

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